The Missing Codes You Need for Solving Chronic Depression, Anxiety, and Other Mental-Related Problems

This book has helped tens of thousands of people overcome depression and regain happiness.

By the world-leading expert in energy management, a world-renowned speaker & top selling author Master Ted Sun

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The Say No to Depression book teaches you everything you need to know about depression and how to beat it. Master Ted Sun’s holistic approach shares the secret codes to a healthy and balanced mind and body.  


Your body is like a car, and energy is like gasoline. When you are running low on energy, your mind and body will not function properly. Learning about energy management will help you treat many unresolved mental and physical problems.


Depression is deeply rooted in your mind and body system; however, most treatments can only reach a certain level. Just like pulling weeds without pulling the roots, they will quickly grow back.


Say No To Depression presents a groundbreaking solution and is a beacon of light in mental health for helping all people overcome depression. 



  • Do you have depression for over one year?

  • Did you try yoga and exercises, but your mood is still low?

  • Did you see many doctors and try treatments, but nothing has worked?

  • Does your medication make you feel worse?


If your answer is yes, Say No to Depression can help!!


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In Say No to Depression, you will discover: 

  • The true causes of depression
  • Why is depression so hard to treat
  • What is really going on with hallucinations
  • How to manage your emotions with energy 
  • How to overcome depression
  • How to take control of your life

This book can help you:

  • Overcome chronic depression, manic-depression, anxiety, insomnia, hallucinations, OCD, PTSD, bipolar disorder, and other mental-related problems
  • Become a self-generator of positive energy
  • Obtain health and happiness and transform your life
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This book is for someone who:

  • has depression or other mental-related problems
  • is battling with chronic depression and found very little or no help with the treatments out there
  • has a family history of depression
  • has stress and anxiety
  • wants to solve depression completely
  • is healthy and simply wants happiness for yourself and/or others
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About the Author


Master Ted Sun is a world-leading expert in energy management, a renowned speaker, a top-selling author, and a Nobel Peace Prize Nominee. He is also the founder of Richest Life, a personal and professional growth and wellness center, teaching people self-healing and life mastery. Master Ted Sun has trained hi-tech executives, CEOs, government officials, doctors, and tens of thousands of people worldwide. 

In 2010, he wrote his first book, Super Life Secret Codes, a life manual that reveals the secret codes of managing energy to create a super extraordinary life. This book has become a global sensation and transformed people’s lives all over the world.

Since then, Master Sun has written over 40 books and given tens of thousands of lectures and consultations. His book Say No To Depression is a breakthrough in mental health and has been recognized and endorsed by Western and Chinese doctors to help people overcome chronic depression, anxiety, insomnia, and other mental health problems.

Master Sun’s energy management system teaches people to mobilize their innate natural ability to become a self-generator of positive energy so that they can recharge and take control of their lives.


Say No to Depression has helped tens of thousands of people all over the world overcome depression and anxiety. This is what the readers have to say.

I was in and out of the mental hospital for as long as I can remember. Say No to Depression saved my life. Now, I no longer have depression and live a normal and happy life.


Kentucky, USA

Say No to Depression is a must read for anyone struggling with depression.



Texas, USA

I've battled with depression for 35 years. After learning about Say No to Depression for one week, my insomnia went away, and after 3 months my depression was gone.



I was skeptical about the book at first because I didn't believe a book could help me with my severe depression. After I did the experiment, I couldn't believe the result. This book really worked.

Sam T.


The fear of panic attacks has controlled my life. I've tried everything, but nothing worked. Until I found Say No to Depression, the rest of it is history. Thank you Master Sun!.


Florida, USA

Say No to Depression taught me how to overcome depression with energy. Not only did I gain health, but with the increasing energy, my career also took off.

Jennifer L.

New York, USA

"The rapid modernization of society, which is not parallel to spiritual development, has caused more and more people to plunge into depression. This book provides the secrets and simple practices to activate your innate self-healing superpowers that will liberate you from years of stalled energy and pain" 

 Dr. Eow Gaik Bee, Neurologist

Penang General Hospital

"At one time or another, about half of us will experience some kind of mental health or emotional problems, and many will turn to a doctor for help and support. I recommend reading this book as it contains the essential tools needed to overcome challenges in life.” 

Dr. Lee Tze Hian, Family Medicine Trainer, MIn TFM (MICGP)

"This book earns a rating of 4 out of 4 stars. Self-healing practices must be intentionally developed and fostered over time, and nothing changes if nothing changes. To fully correct improper logic and views, a distorted mindset must be reprogrammed. I would recommend this book to any reader."


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Happiness comes from good health

Good health comes from a healthy mind. Master Ted Sun will teach you how to manage your mind and energy, to create a super extraordinary life.


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